Hello, and welcome to my portfolio website! I am a young and motivated Software Engineer with a focus on the video games. I obtained my Bachelor of Science Game Development Degree from Full Sail University in June 2008. This website is dedicated to showcasing some of the many things I have done in my career at Full Sail as well as providing a place for future employers to learn about me and download my résumé if they should want to do so.

I play a wide variety of video games from Casual to MMO and everything in-between. I am currently living in Phoenix, AZ working on a CryEngine based prototype. I spend most of my time working on small projects but on the rare occasion that I do have some spare time I like to sit down and relax with my friends as we watch movies and play video games. I am also very handy in the kitchen and I love learning new recipes to cook for friends and family. I am very open minded and always willing to learn new skills that are required to stay current in the software industry.

If you have any questions or comments feel free email me at mail@prox-net.com.

Geometry Genoicde Image

Geometry Genocide

A five Month six man team game project. A 3rd person arcade shooter with a simple gameplay premise: ROLL. SHOOT. SURVIVE. Visit www.GeometryGenocide.com for more information.
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WoW Pong Image

WoW Pong

Classic Pong re-envisioned with WoW based themes.
Download 0.8 MB Download Source 4.3 MB
Viper Assault Image

Viper Assault

A 2D Top Scrolling Shooter based upon Battlestar Galactica.
Download 12.7 MB Download Source 44 MB
Eff Zaro: Quaternion Races Image

Eff Zaro: Quaternion Races

2 Month 4 man Team Game Project. This 3D Racing game includes a variety of playable characters and tracks.
Download 165 MB Download Source 184 MB
Holo-Aquarium Image


A Simple OpenGL Rendering project to display a self coded scene with shader usage.
Download 1.3 MB Download Source 3.8 MB
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